BLACK RIVER - Black’n’Roll

Black River - Black’n’Roll

11 songs
41:26 minutes
***** ***
Mystic Production


After their self-titled album from 2008, Polish rock quintet Black River are back with their second longplayer Black’n’Roll on which they prove that Poland has more to offer than only death metal and prog rock. Black River locate themselves somewhere between hard, Southern and desert rock and play music which is uncomplicated and entertaining at the same time.

The opener with the tasteful title Barf Bag instantly caught my attention. Despite reminding me strongly of Volbeat, it would be wrong to assume that Black River are only a copy. Their vocals sound, as on Lucky In Hell, a lot rawer. The low tuned guitars and the pounding bass fit perfectly the overall mood. Sometimes the band opts for a slower pace, with the mid-tempo Breaking The Wall looking not out of place on a Monster Magnet record. The melodic title track comes with vocals that have a certain Misfits flair. Jumping Queenie Flash underlines the band’s sense of humour by merging The Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen with The Rolling Stones’ Jumping Jack Flash. After all this excitement, the CD ends with the relaxed Young’n’Drunk.

Black River show that they are able in more than just one genre, and I can imagine that they are sounding even better live. They may not come forward with anything fundamentally new, and could at times try to get more distance from their influences, but Black’n’Roll still manages to please thanks to its simple directness.

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