Blind Eyes Watching - Fly In The Soup

5 songs
14:40 minutes


Blind Eyes Watching, formerly called Arise, are a band from Northern Bavaria. They were a cover band before starting to write their own material. Their first full-length album Cuts From Nowhere is now followed by the EP Fly In The Soup.

The album didn’t help Blind Eyes Watching to score a record deal, and I’m afraid that the EP won’t help much either. The band describes itself as punk’n’roll, a decent description, but still a long way from their idols.

The opener Zest is a terribly clumsy rock tune that suffers from the vocalist’s failed efforts to find the right note. This may add to their punk credibility, but it makes Blind Eyes Watching sound like a college band. Bitch is their best track. It is about a love relationship between a man and his dog and sounds a bit like Weezer and Blink 182. No Love Song is their fastest and shortest track. Their intentions surely aren’t bad, but a heavier approach would have been welcome. Fly In The Soup is a surf punk song with highs and lows. The CD ends with No Excuses Mrs. A.P., a quite ordinary pop punk track. Even though they received some kind of a German music award for this track, I have heard similar and better songs before.

Blind Eyes Watching still have a lot of work to do before they can play in a higher league. Apart from the quite original band name, I also appreciate that the EP is sold for only 3 € and be downloaded for free on the band’s homepage.

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