Bloodjunkies - Maladies

17 songs
47:43 minutes
***** ***
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The Bloodjunkies look like a bunch of gravediggers time-travelled from a western movie into a 30s gangster movie scenerie. Not only does their image borrow from different timelines, but also their sound owes to more than just one genre. I dare say that this is mostly folk rock played by a bunch of old school punk kids, but then there is more to this music as if this description would do them justice. First of all half of the guys in Bloodjunkies also play with American punk band Damnation which I saw earlier this year live at Les Nuits de l'Entrepôt in Arlon. Where Damnation mostly sound like heavily influenced by the Misfits, Bloodjunkies pays that tribute only by covering Thirteen from ex-Misfits vocalist Glenn Danzig. Apart from that the folk roots are much deeper, as proven by the two amazing New Model Army cover versions 51st State and Green & Gray. Apart from having chosen two of their best songs, it's also surprising to have an American West Coast band covering a British band.

You shouldn't expect happy-go-lucky folk or angry political rants, instead Bloodjunkies walk the less travelled road of goth folk noir, like 16 Horsepower with a lot of steam. A creepy organ adds to the mysterious atmosphere, and apart from the well meant but poorly executed acoustic ballad My Hero (more Staind than folk), you get a whole bunch of captivating dark rocking folk music you wouldn't have expected from guys normally playing in a punk band. Recommended!

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