BLOODLINE - Where Lost Souls Dwell

Bloodline - Where Lost Souls Dwell

9 songs
44:04 minutes


Nowadays it is very difficult to avoid clichés in gothic metal. But Bloodline, a duet consisting of a duo and some guest musicians, don't even try once to be original. They began making music in 1998, released a first CD in 2002 and really needed four entire years to produce this uninspired work.

Band leader and male singer Roman Schoensee has produced bands like Silke Bischof, Pyogenesis and Shock Therapy in the past. He and his girlfriend Kemi Vita were members of the Dutch gothic band Dreamside and dared to create a new project that shouldn't be too different from what they already did before.

The opener At The Waters Of Lethe is quite a brutal song but sounding as clumsy as if Oomph were playing gothic. Final Journey is a confrontation with brutal death metal male vocals and siren like female ones which really isn't the newest idea. Opium Hearts and I Think We Simply Fall are combinations of melancholic parts with brutal industrial riffs. Then there are a lot of songs that just seem unfinished and I can't understand that they were put on the CD. There are several songs without male vocals that are quite close to The Gathering, but the difference of quality between both acts is enormous. Especially the keyboards are poorly produced. The cover artwork and the layout of the booklet give no further reason to buy this album.

I really wonder who should be attracted to this typical melancholic gothic with slight traces of industrial, death metal and some melodic metal. Atrocity, The Gathering, Lacrimosa, Theatre Of Tragedy and Lacuna Coil are just a few examples to name who did this kind of music in a much more professional and mature way.

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