Blood Stain Child - Mozaiq

12 songs
46:04 minutes
***** ***
Dockyard 1


Don’t let yourself be fooled by the band photograph. Japanese band Blood Stain Child may look like a bunch of fluffy emo kids, but their fourth album (or second for the European market) is a kind of crossover you come rarely across. Influenced by hyperfast Scandinavian death metal, Blood Stain Child combine their metal side with pure trance techno elements, making this probably the nightmare for every true metal purist, but those who are bored to death by the always same rehashing of traditional ingredients will certainly come to appreciate their sound.

Mozaiq offers twelve songs that are always more than just an exercise in form. In fact Blood Stain Child know how to write good songs, and they always work best when the electronic elements move to the foreground, which is mostly noticeable on Pitch Black Room. The music is generally very fast but always keeps room for nice melodies, the vocals oscillate between screamo shouts and melodic singing, and from time to time the band can’t deny their Japanese origins, always when you get the impression that they want to write the soundtrack for a heavy metal videogame for kids.

As far as I understand, Blood Stain Child have started rather traditionally and only gradually added techno elements into their music. If they continue on that path, they certainly have a glorious future ahead of them. They are one of the few truly original metal bands left on this planet, the only other one I can think of are Waltari, coincidentally label mates on Dockyard 1.

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