Bluesbrothercastro - Moneymakerme

12 songs
34:34 minutes
***** ****


If there are two countries you can rely on to produce real wild rocking bands, then it's doubtlessly Sweden and The Netherlands. Another Dutch rock sensation are Bluesbrothercastro from Amsterdam. Their debut CD Moneymakerme was one of the biggest newcomer surprises in 2004, and a year later it is finally released in the rest of Europe. The title of the opener Loaded Gun fits exactly to the music: the clashing of noise and rock'n'roll motivates you listening to the rest of the album where you won't find a single weak track. All songs are relatively short so that there's no time for boring parts.

Bluesbrothercastro put heavy emphasis on noise. The guitars are always distorted. The vocals have a certain punk flair. Their sound surely isn't too original and parallels to Violent Femmes, early Manic Street Preachers, Ween and even The Black Crowes on some songs with southern guitars can be found. But Bluesbrothercastro are always playing less tame than the aforementioned artists. The most important thing is that Bluesbrothercastro are enjoying their music and performing it in a very energetic way. Although Drunken Boy is the band's video edit, Dress is the most commercially sounding track on this fabulous record. And the good news is that a new album is already scheduled for late 2005.

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