BOB ROCK - The Voice Of Melodic Metal (Live In Atlanta)

Bob Rock - The Voice Of Melodic Metal (Live In Atlanta)

11 songs
59:27 minutes
***** *


This Bob Rock should not be confused with the one who made himself a reputation as a world class producer (Metallica). The one featured on this CD started out in the early Eighties, was the vocalist for one of the first metal all-star bands (M.A.R.S.), then became a member of Impellitteri but was later asked to leave because the name giving band leader was not happy about Bob Rock releasing his first solo album in the year 2000.

Since then, Bob Rock has steadily worked hard to make himself a household name in the melodic metal world, although I guess that the title of his current live CD might be offensive to other singers who hardly want to look up to Mr Rock as the best of their trade. So apart from having a seemingly huge ego, Bob Rock also puts a lot of faith into the Christian faith, and therefore it is no longer surprising that three of his musicians also play in Narnia.

Is it really useful to release a live album after four studio albums? Even though The Voice Of Melodic Metal starts with four tracks taken in reverse chronological order from the master’s respective solo records, the second half of the album consists mostly of tracks from his latest release Garden Of Chaos. I am probably also not the only one who thinks that one hour running time is a little on the short side for a live album.

Apart from these criticisms, it must be said though that Bob Rock is not only a really good vocalist with a very strong organ, but that he is also supported by a tight band that eventually makes everything sound more power than melodic metal, with parallels to Riot (at their best time) coming to mind. Non-believers will have a hard time deciding if they want to spend their hard earned money on a Christian artist, but the people that were present during this live concert in the redneck Southern state of Georgia definitely enjoyed every minute of the show. Fans had better get the CD/DVD-edition that is a little pricier but also offers a video recording of the set. The CD by itself is nice but by reserving nearly half the playing time for material from the last studio album and not using its entire storage capacity, it leaves a stale taste nonetheless.

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