Boggin Leprechaun - As We Set The Sails

13 songs
50:46 minutes
***** *


As the band name already suggest, Boggin Leprechaun are a band with a knack for Irish folklore. The German sextet’s debut As We Set The Sails doesn’t leave out any single cliché and will get the hearts beating faster of all those who wish that every day were Saint Patrick’s day.

I have never understood the attraction of this genre and consequently have a rather time with this album. The band is working really hard and trying to get the most out of their music, but it seems that they still have a long road ahead of themselves. The two major drawbacks are the occasionally clumsy songwriting and the rather expressionless vocals that really craves improvement. At least they managed to get enough variety into their songs. Some tracks are played really fast and are therefore ideal for dancing to. True to Irish stereotyping, some drinking songs are present too. Cover artwork and album title furthermore hint that at times you feel like being stranded in a dockside bar.

When it comes to Irish music, I prefer the rougher kind, like The Tossers and Dropkick Murphys. As We Set The Sails is eventually too well behaved for my taste, and is probably more suitable for those into bands like The Pogues, The Levellers and New Model Army. The long running time doesn’t work in Boggin Leprechaun’s favour either, as several ideas seem to recur later on.

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