BOILER - Alles und nichts

Boiler - Alles und nichts

11 songs
44:05 minutes
Moving Magnet


Boiler are a still rather young quartet whose debut Alles und nichts came out in 2009. Even though it took the album a whole year to find its way to me, I can’t say that the wait was worth it, because Boiler really get me boiling when I have to listen to their music.

The musicians are adept at their instruments, and they are able to create the Neue Deutsche Härte sound in the vein of Rammstein and the likes, full of martial and dragging sounds. Unlike their better known German inspirations, Boiler try to infuse their music with more cynicism and black humour, but even here they are outsmarted by better bands, like Knorkator, for instance. There are a whole lot of weaknesses to be found, most strikingly the songwriting which is just too monotonous and lacks ideas. After a couple of tracks, you grow tired of the ever repeated riffs. The vocals that lie somewhere between Rammstein and Falco’s spoken word technique is also very unnerving, mostly because they lyrics are too understandable, making it even more obvious how unfunny and embarrassing they are.

I really can’t get myself to like Alles und nichts. I felt reminded of Fahrenheit 212 who acted similarly and also didn’t get much success. Considering that water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, one wonders if there is a connexion.

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