Born From Pain - War

12 songs
47:00 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


I still have bad memories about Born From Pain's abominable previous album In Love With The End and began to shudder when I had to review their fourth CD War. But when I was finally brave enough to insert the album into my stereo, I got a huge surprise.

Although I claimed a lack of talent for Born From Pain, the Dutch band has made enormous progress since their last release. This can not only be rationalised because of some guest parts from members of Napalm Death, Gorefest, Sick Of It All and Hatesphere.

The opener Relentless is classic moshcore, but so powerful that I just can't hate it. Behind Enemy Lines shows Born From Pain in an extreme hurry and I wonder if I'll start to consider them as a cool band. In general the songs are running one minute longer than on the previous album, and the songwriting seems to be more developed and diverse than ever before. Born From Pain know meanwhile to play brutal metal grooves as you can hear on Crusader, Scorched Earth and Eyes Of The World, just to name a few. On various songs (Doomsday Clock, Iron Will), they even added subtle melodic elements into the songs, without neglecting the aggression of course. The slow and doomish instrumental The War Is On is the biggest surprise on this record as it is so different from what I expected.

There are still a couple of songs that can't reach this high level as they are just too traditional metalcore and not very innovative (Burn Me Fighting, Grey Life), but this is not a catastrophe as the overall level has improved a lot. The lyrics dealing with anger, frustration and other negative experiences are a bit annoying, but I think these are the classic subjects for this kind of music.

Born From Pain have enough reasons to be proud of their new record. If the next one will again improve in such a way, it will be a real smasher. But until then, War will find several times its way into my CD player.

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