BORN TO LOSE - Old Scars

Born To Lose - Old Scars

17 songs
47:33 minutes
***** **
People Like You


Austin Texas working class street punk released last year their third album on People Like You Records who just happened to sign the band. They must have been so satisfied that they decided to compile an album with older material, unreleased songs as well as some new recordings. My promo copy doesn’t inform me which song has been recorded under which circumstance, and that makes therefore for some uneven listening. Old Scars is never a bad album, but because it covers Born To Lose’s entire career, it often feels as if two or three bands were present. One of them is a really simple, even simplistic street punk band that sounds like so many Luxembourgish bands (Extinct, Poshblokes, Rise-Up) did a few years ago, but then there is also the band that has the right feeling for catchy melodies, and is crafting one fine pop punk song after another.

I can’t really say if it makes that much sense to release already a compilation in such an early stage of their career, but then I guess that Born To Lose’s first two albums could be hard to get in Europe. There sure is a lot of music on Old Scars, it also feels honest and dirty enough. Fans of gritty street punk with a knack for catchy choruses are the definite clientele for this record.

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