BORN TO LOSE - Saints Gone Wrong

Born To Lose - Saints Gone Wrong

11 songs
39:35 minutes
***** **
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There have been many songs called Born To Lose, interpreted by the likes of Motörhead, Black Label Society, Social Distortion, Johnny Thunders and Johnny Cash, just to name a few. The Texan capital Austin sports even a band with that name who are now back, after a two year break, with their fourth album Saints Gone Wrong.

To shorten the waiting time, their label released last year the compilation Old Scars. To cut a long story short, not much has changed musically. The street punks have not become any more subtle, sometimes they are even gruff, at times add melancholy for variety. I can imagine that in a live setting with an adequately inebriated audience, their songs might work wonderfully.

You can’t blame Born To Lose for being bad songwriters, but apart from discovering no progression since their earlier efforts, I also have a hard time finding a highlight. All the songs are slightly above average, but we sorely lack standout moments.

If stagnation is what you expect from your favourite bands, then Saints Gone Wrong has probably not let you down. But if you thought that their artistic pause had helped them discover new inspirations, you might be disappointed. Born To Lose are a band that definitely makes a better figure on stage.

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