BOY OMEGA - The Best Time Of The Year

Boy Omega - The Best Time Of The Year

5 songs
14:12 minutes
***** ***
West Side Fabrication / Decoder


Sweden must be an ideal ground for melancholic music, and as much as I try to avoid the expression singer/songwriter, that's the first thing that comes to my mind when listening to Boy Omega, a project by Martin Henrik Gustafsson who released last year his debut album I Name You Isolation and now comes back with an EP that contains with the title track one piece from that album plus four new unreleased songs. The opener The Best Time Of The Year is a perfect pop song, rather upbeat for its sad feelings, and accompanied by friends to make it sound like a band. Björn Kleinhenz, who plays the bass guitar on that song, was reviewed here with his split-CD with Rob and the Pinhole Stars only a couple of weeks ago. The next two songs are mellower and kept more in a solo mood, where especially Damn creeps dangerously close to the melancholic piece of my heart. The Pattern is an equally downbeat song, although maybe a little bit too slow for its own good. Waltz Of December is the only other song accompanied by drums, and despite its obvious 3/4 time signature, it helps to get back some steam again, before the beautiful cello accompanied ballad Distance ends a short but memorable EP. But don't worry, as Boy Omega will release his second full length album The Black Tango very soon. Until then you can visit his creatively constructed website and download some samples.

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