BOYS NIGHT OUT - Boys Night Out

Boys Night Out - Boys Night Out

11 songs
41:06 minutes
***** ****


It’s always a bit weird when a band that has released already a handful of EPs and CDs decide to come out with a self-titled album. Canadian rocker’s Boys Night Out are ready to take the world by storm on their third release, and while I support the idea that emo is generally boring, Boys Night Out are the exception to the rule. Already the dynamic opener Get Your Head Straight brings a smile to my face, and from there on they continue with sunny and bright rock songs that actually owe more to power pop than to emo core, and that’s what makes this recording so refreshing. Highlights include the immensely catchy Let Me Be Your Swear Word and the mellower and longer It Won’t Be Long which concludes the album.

At times I feel reminded of Weezer and Foo Fighters, but Boys Night Out have definitely harder guitars, which makes for more punch. Producer Lou Giordano, who worked already with Sunny Day Real Estate, Taking Back Sunday and The Lemonheads in the past, does a miraculous job of combining the band’s hardcore roots with a summery pop appeal. The latter has a little more weight in the end, and that’s not at all a mistake.

With so many whiny emo bands around, it’s great to see that in the cold, far North, there are still bands that can bring happiness to people’s lives, and Ferret Style can pride themselves in having released the best emo album of the year so far, although it should rather be considered power pop with punchy guitars. Excellent third album!

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