BRAINLESS WANKERS - Consider Yourself Rocked

Brainless Wankers - Consider Yourself Rocked

12 songs
32:50 minutes
***** ****


The band name alone might scare tons of people away from these Berlin punks. Brainless Wankers makes you think of a juvenile dumb punk band, although the tasteful cover packaging is hinting already at a more mature level. In fact BW have been around since at least 1997 when they released their first 7"-EP, and since then they must have been working hard on themselves as this second full-length surprises with fast and melodic punk rock, enriched by two trumpets that surprisingly don't add a ska element, but rather a Mexican mariachi atmosphere to the sound.

Berlin might very well be considered the capital of German punk rock, with The Ärzte and Terrorgruppe being the two most notorious. And in fact BW remind me at times of the Terrorgruppe. OK, they are not that funny, and have English lyrics, and have a juicier sound, but there are parallels. While most of the album works out brilliantly, it's songs likle the opener Songs Of Mass Distraction, The Idols Are Dead and Here We Go that will blow you away by combining exquisite melodies, high octane speed and this rocking taco sound that sets them apart from nearly every other punk rock band.

While the lyrics are dealing socio-economic issues, it's some of the song titles that are so tongue-in-cheek that you wonder how German speaking people can come up with such a feeling for the English language: (It's Gonna Be) All Riot (also featured as a multimedia videoclip), Live Fast, Die Young And Save The Social Security System and finally Buffy The Empire Slayer.

BW have been featured also on many compilations, like the Terrorgruppe tribute album Aggropop Now! and also the latest Ox compilation. You can also download a song on their website. Do that and let yourself be convinced that this is really a cool rocking punk rock band. This is the perfect soundtrack for the coming summer!

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