BREAK IN - Unbowed

Break In - Unbowed

10 songs
25:20 minutes
***** **
In At The Deep End


Canterbury makes me think of late Sixties and early Seventies prog jazz (Soft Machine, Caravan,...) or William Chaucer, in more literary terms, but I never associated this ancient British city with something like a straight edge scene. Apart from showing where my interests lie, it's also therefore interesting to note that The Break In sound more like an American band than one from England.

Ten songs in twenty-five minutes means of course that you get a full speed ahead dish that combines all that we like: double bass attacks, angry upchuck vocals, thrash metal melodies, all blended together and manufactured uncompromisingly into this neat half hour of take-no-prisoners hardcore metal.

Although Unbowed is played with absolute precision, the lack of originality and variation (only the final instrumental Legion is threatening mid-tempo) makes you exhale that it is over so soon. Straight edge kids will like the band's angry determination, regular hardcore fans will probably see it all as a bit old school but nonetheless enjoy it as a practice session in moshpit culture.

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