BROILERS - Vanitas

Broilers - Vanitas

19 songs
66:24 minutes
People Like You


The Broilers from Düsseldorf, Germany can be considered punk veterans as they started already in 1992. But the five musicians haven’t reached their thirties yet as they just had left elementary school when they started playing punk rock, inspired by their heroes Sex Pistols, The Clash and Die Toten Hosen. So far the band had released four longplayers, two EPs and a couple of singles. The cover of their new album looks really aesthetic, and as I am quite a fan of German punk music, I was looking forward to Vanitas.

But my enthusiasm ended after only a few notes. Normally punk bands suck when they are too chaotic, as is the case for A.C.K. and Kalte Krieger. But the Broilers’ situation is completely different. I respect that the musicians are really trying to make something different. The main base of their songs is a mixture of punk and oi, but they add many different subgenres like rock, ska, reggae, rockabilly and soul. The idea is sounding promising, but the practical realisation doesn’t work at all. At least there are no complaints against the proper production, but this doesn’t help too much when the songwriting is a more disappointing affair. The two biggest problems are the dominating keyboards that don’t fit into the general punk sound and the vocals which could as well come from a schlager star. Even though the soul aspect of their music is rather innovative, the entire concept was already done much better by Superpunk.

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