BUCK BROTHERS - We Are Merely Filters

Buck Brothers - We Are Merely Filters

11 songs
32:32 minutes
***** ***


There are albums that you have to keep listening to before they reveal all their secrets, but there’s also bands like Buck Brothers from England who cater for the less patient listener. Founded in 2005, the three-piece self-released its debut Me two years later. Now they are back with their sophomore effort, and haven’t changed their DIY ethos. The eleven tracks featured on We Are Merely Filters make it just over half an hour, and never lose any time getting to the point.

Don’t expect anything too subtle from the three Brits who chose to play fast moving punk rock with a strong appeal. Highlights include the upbeat opener All I Want To Do, the somewhat rock’n’rollish You’re So Good, Good, Good You’re Great and their cover version of the M classic Pop Muzik. The remaining tracks are of course also highly entertaining, and only the concluding Deeply Shallow, with nearly four minutes the longest track on the album, allows some respite and is thus a nice way to end this otherwise highly energetic album.

You might think now that Buck Brothers are a bunch of kiddie youngsters, but the photos reveal them to be already more mature, and honestly, this shows in their music which has swapped the innocence of youth with the coolness of indifference of older age. Imagine Buck Brother to sound like The Almighty without the sleaziness, and you have a rather good idea of what to expect. Sometimes I also feel reminded of German pop punk gods Die Ärzte, although the Brits are rocking harder.

We Are Merely Filters is a charmingly pleasant pop punk rock album full of energy and drive, maybe without any nutritional value, but sometimes it’s just perfect to listen to something less demanding whose only goal is to entertain. And this has been done amazingly well by Buck Brothers on their second album.

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