THE BURDEN - The Burden

The Burden - The Burden

4 songs
16:46 minutes
***** ***


I didn’t get much information from The Burden’s CD. The black cover artwork only contains the band name, the backside displays only the track list. Inside there is a small square of paper with the lyrics and credits, and that’s all already. There is not even a mention of their homepage, which I ended up finding eventually anyway, although their Myspace presence was nearly as bare as their CD info sheet.

The Burden are still quite a young band, although their guitarist Stef has made himself a name in Desdemonia and Ex Inferis. This short look at his past as well as the band’s influences (At The Gates, Lamb Of God, Unearth) point already into a certain direction. The Burden locate themselves between timeless melodic death metal and popular metalcore, without trying to draw fixed frontiers. Their debut doesn’t offer anything new, but the band is pleasantly adept at what they are doing. Their music is kept at a generally fast pace, but there is always room for a change in speed. Technically the band is beyond a reproach, especially the lead guitar understands to amaze. Even though the four included songs are classy, I recommend starting with the Swedish sounding Longing For Sickness and the astonishingly complex Strains. The production is also unbelievably professional for a demo and furthermore enhances the listening experience.

The Burden haven’t been around for too long but managed to leave a lasting impression. Fans of extreme metal music should by all means keep an eye open for this promising newcomer who has every chance to become one of Luxembourg’s most important metal bands.

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