Burden Of Grief - Death End Road

12 songs
55:25 minutes
***** ***


Death End Road is the fourth CD by Burden Of Grief, a band from Northern Germany which was formed about ten years ago. In 2000, they released a debut which was a mixture of thrash and death metal, but have afterwards become a classic melodic death metal band inspired by the usual acts from Sweden.

After a short intro, the first regular track Vita Reducta is an aggressive and technical song with fascinating dual guitar playing. Swallow The Sun is less fast, but still brutal and powered by great guitar lines again. Burden Of Grief are certainly not a very innovative band, but they are showing that melodic death metal can have many different faces. The Killer In Me and Drawn In Sorrow are the album's most brutal tracks. The Game and Schizophrenia are often changing from mid-tempo to extremely fast parts. Road Of Visions is the quietest track with some gothic and doom parts, without ever getting mellow. Finally there are two bonus tracks which are re-recordings of some earlier material.

All songs impress with unbelievable energy, dynamic double bass and excellent melodic guitar lines. The harsh vocals are maybe a bit too monotonous, but that's the case for many death metal bands. Everyone who likes In Flames and Hypocrisy should find some interest in the latest Burden Of Grief release.

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