BURNING BLACK - MechanicHell

Burning Black - MechanicHell

11 songs
42:17 minutes
***** **
Limb Music


Italian power metal band Burning Black was founded in 2003 and have been anything but passive since then. After two demos in 2005 and 2006, their first longplayer Prisoners Of Steel was released on a small label in 2007 and is now followed by MechanicHell on the renowned Limb Music company.

Burning Black are fully into very classic power metal where the accelerator is constantly floored. The music, powerful and dynamic at the same time, skilfully switches between aggressive and harmonic parts. Although there are no weaknesses to be made out, the Italians are strongest during their more extreme moments. The title track and Messengers Of Hell, the latter a welcome wake-up call towards the end of the CD, expertly underline these qualities. Influenced by established acts like Stratovarius and Primal Fear, the band also can’t deny parallels to Judas Priest whenever they cut back on the speed. A special trump is the American vocalist Dan Ainley who even masters the highest registers without any problems and doesn’t have to shy away from well deserved comparisons to Rob Halford.

As tasty as the individual songs are, Burning Black still lack the maturity to entertain throughout the three quarters of an hour running time. Halfway through the album, the band starts to repeat itself, letting me doubt that MechanicHell will shoot them to the top.

Nonetheless the positive aspects clearly prevail, and it would be a mistake to lose sight of Burning Black who are not far from reaching their prime form. If their next album fulfils the realistic expectations, we will undoubtedly get a highly intense power metal experience.

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