BURN PILOT - Chevy Timemachine

Burn Pilot - Chevy Timemachine

10 songs
39:35 minutes
***** **
Dirty Earth


According to the band history, the three members of Burn Pilot met at a music festival when all of them were wearing Kyuss t-shirts. The droning sounds on Chevy Timemachine wouldn’t make you believe that the stoner pioneers are a major influence for Burn Pilot.

The album starts with an intro by Charlton Heston speaking on behalf of the National Rifle Association. The following songs contain messed up psychedelic sounds (Air Wolf), speed rock between Motörhead and Peter Pan Speedrock (Thunderheads, You Ain’t Rock), fuzz rock like Vanilla Fudge four decades ago (Jet, Vulcanice) and some more chaotic and noisy tracks (Burned Landing, Cocaine Train) that even draw parallels to Lord Bishop Rocks, the most prominent artist on their label.

Burn Pilot are one of many bands that play retro rock, and it is really hard to write something which hasn’t been written about similar bands before. Even if they will never win an award for originality, Burn Pilot are at least able to entertain during forty minutes without steering the rocket on the album cover into a black hole.

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