BURST - Prey On Life

Burst - Prey On Life

11 songs
40:46 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, The End, Today Is The Day,... the list of modern metal bands could go on forever. What all of these bands have in common - apart from being awesome - is that they are all from the USA. Now Europe, or more precisely Sweden, has also a contender for the throne of noise math metalcore or whatever you want to call that new breed of aggressive metal.

Being from Sweden implies somehow that Burst have a more European sound, reminding of the more bastardly thrashers like The Haunted or The Crown, but never forgetting the new influences of the more weirdo stuff. When I started listening seriously to metal music in the late Eighties, there were only few bands trying to innovate in this direction, and I can right now only think of VoiVod whose Killing Technology über-album changed my life forever. Now this may not be that original anymore, but it's still as refreshing as back then, especially since Burst have found a niche of their own. The vocals are constantly screamed at the most emotionally insane, the guitars deliver tons of psychotic riffs that are only occasionally lightened up by intricate melodies, but never in a way to mellow the experience down. The rocking Sculpt The Lives, the hypnotic Rain and the complex Crystal Asunder would be the starting points with this album, although the short instrumental Fourth Sun is also one of my favourites, as Burst experiment a lot with sound images there.

Prey On Life, Burst's second album, is one of the most pleasant listens I got this year, and I can only recommend this heartily to all friends of aggressive noisy emotional sounds.

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