THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT - Final Conversation Of Kings

The Butterfly Effect - Final Conversation Of Kings

10 songs
42:27 minutes
***** *
Superball / SPV


Final Conversation Of Kings is the third album by Australian band The Butterfly Effect who chose to play contemporary rock music. From a stylistic perspective, they have the potential to appeal to alternative and prog rock fans, but they both should know that The Butterfly Effect are rather into mellower sounds and rarely opt for hard rocking parts.

The four musicians are without blame on a technical level, and the songwriting has also been thought through. However there are few original ideas, instead the band comes up with rather familiar fare. Despite undeniable strengths, The Butterfly Effect can be reproached for playing music that is too predictable and lacks variety. This does not necessarily mean that Final Conversation Of Kings is a boring album, but it will definitely not count among the most thrilling in anyone’s collection. In the end the band leaves a too quiet and commercial impression, lacking the necessary bite that makes rock music exciting. Highlights are sparse, only Room Without A View pleases with its rousing chorus, and the harder, more progressive Window And The Watcher is excellent. It seems though that the album has been aimed at the American market with its strong AOR influences.

Final Conversation Of Kings is really not a bad album, but despite having listened to it quite a few times, I just can’t get into it. Maybe I am used to Australian bands with a dirtier sound, but there will certainly be people who can find something more rewarding in The Butterfly Effect’s tamer music.

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