Buzz Dees - Icke

12 songs
47:12 minutes
***** ***


Buzz Dees is a bunch of wildly assorted musicians led of course by the already 57 year old Buzz Dee, better known as the guitarist for German comedy metal band Knorkator. Other members with an interesting pas are Morgenstern who used to drum for In Extremo and guitarist Jagschn from German pop band Bell, Book & Candle. The final result can be deemed simply rock music.

Two and a half years after the debut Mitkomm, it is now time for their second album Icke which once again has been released on the band’s own label Sholly. The album title hints at a strong Berlin accent but that is actually not the case. The band does stand by its roots though, as can be heard on the opener/title track on which they portrait themselves.

The opener is followed by the first single Tawarisch Putin Kamerad which comes with fast Balkan beats. Kann nicht sein is a very catchy traditional rock song. The second single Universal Telefon has a more relaxed atmosphere with a coolness factor close to the recently deceased Lou Reed. I could go on and write something about each and every track, but let’s just leave it at this. The album comes with eleven regular songs (plus a short and rather unnecessary outro) that are basically rock music, even though there is plenty of variety. At times it feels groovier, then again somewhat noisier, and even some Southern rock can be made out. Let’s just mention finally Rhabarbermost which offers slapstick comedy in the fashion of HGich.T.

This rather exhaustive kind of variation will have listeners polarised. Some will cherish this courageous approach, while others will lament the lack of apparent coherence. Open-minded people should still invest the necessary amount of time to familiarise themselves with Icke. Buzz Dees is definitely more than just another lacklustre side project of bored musicians. It is obvious that they use this opportunity to slip in the ideas that wouldn’t have fitted their regular bands.

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