CAGE - Darker Than Black

Cage - Darker Than Black

12 songs
58:05 minutes
***** ****


Cage from the USA were founded in 1992 and waited until 1999 to release their first CD Unveiled. Their second one titled Astrology gave the band cult status in the underground power metal scene, and believing the label info, Darker Than Black has all an album needs to become a classic. The most impressing thing on this CD is that is makes you believe that the Nineties never existed. Seldom before I have heard a power metal band sounding so authentic and being devoted to Eighties metal in such a true way. Kill The Devil, the first track on the CD, is a very fast song reminding of Agent Steel. Chupacabra, a song which you can listen to in an English and in a Spanish version, sounds like a tribute to the early Metal Church. Blood Of The Innocent is showing parallels to Overkill. Especially the screaming vocals by Sean Peck are typical for Eighties power or speed metal. The songs on Darker Than Black (the title does absolutely not fit to the music) surely aren't very original, but true metal fans who are tired of nu metal or crossover will adore the third CD by Cage. And let's not forget that Eighties metal is better than seventies rock.

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