CALADMOR - Midwinter

Caladmor - Midwinter

11 songs
46:21 minutes


Swiss metal band Caladmor hasn’t been around for such a long time, but a nearly identical line-up has been playing together as Pale since 2001. The name change had the musicians distance themselves from the gothic genre and adopt instead a more folk oriented approach, which can be witnessed on their new album Midwinter.

If I were mean, I’d call Caladmor a patchwork metal band, as I get the impression that they stole their ideas from many different sources to come up with a colourful style mix. Opera metal is definitely present, and sometimes they also try desperately to sound like the early Nightwish. The clear female vocals are evidently present too, drawing a parallels to their Austrian neighbours Edenbridge. Singer Barbara has an actually quite potent voice, but lacks personal touch. The mean male growls have of course also not been forgotten. Furthermore some of their folk songs remind structurally strongly of Subway To Sally, and the band’s dark side is not unlike Zed Yago.

When it comes to songwriting, Midwinter is a double-edged sword. Some tracks are really succeeding, like the fast Darkness or the slightly dramatic My Rescue. The two quiet tracks that conclude the album also manage to set themselves apart and feel quite authentic. Sometimes though you get the idea that the band has lost their thread which leaves the songs sounding more awkward than was probably intended. 1405 A.D. for instance has a great start but loses its momentum towards the end. The title track and Your Tree also have a somewhat amateurish tinge.

Caladmor have certainly noble intentions, but they have to put in more effort to find their own way. The folk scene is growing constantly, making it harder to keep an overview. With a competition that is not sleeping, it will be hard for Caladmor to reach the attention of potential fans.

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