CALLENISH CIRCLE - My Passion // Your Pain

Callenish Circle - My Passion // Your Pain

10 songs
45:20 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


With their 3rd album Flesh - Power - Dominion, Callenish Circle from the Netherlands were finally able to reach the breakthrough in the extreme metal genre. This had been so far their best album and so I wondered what could be expected from their 4th CD My Passion // Your Pain. Callenish Circle have done excellent work and they prove again that they are part of the most interesting death metal bands. The growling vocals and the speed of the songs are typical signs for that kind of music. They can however not be described as a pure death metal band as the guitars give the songs sometimes a more thrashy feeling, sometimes a more melodic one. The CD contains very brutal songs like the opener Soul Messiah, but also more melodic ones like Dwelling In Disdain or This Truculent Path. Undisputed highlight on this CD is the seven and a half minutes lasting What Could Have Been which presents Callenish Circle from so many different aspects in one single song. Fans of moderate death metal have no excuse not listening to their new album which also takes advantage of the powerful sound for which Andy Classen (ex-Holy Moses) was responsible again.

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