CAMP HANSEN - Keep Music Progressive

Camp Hansen - Keep Music Progressive

10 songs
36:17 minutes
***** ****


Holger Hansen, the man behind Camp Hansen, has already gathered a reputation for playing unconventional music. The songs on his first CD Grün Orange were not always easy listening for most ears. Although the music on Keep Music Progressive is a bit easier, it's still very complicated and experimental. Although the album has an English title, all songs are in German. You shouldn't expect harmonic vocal lines, but Holger Hansen, who says about himself that he can't sing, prefers to use spoken words. Sometimes they are very rhythmic (Mitte der Welt), but he also at times sounds like a TV news speaker (Tragödie) and on one song, he's as aggressive and enthusiastic as a former Wochenschausprecher (Weitere Stimmen im Meinungskonzert). A very important fact is that the words are always clear and understandable, and listening to his intellectual phrases is very entertaining. The music itself may be described as synthetic pop, if not compatible with a mainstream audience. Even if Letzte Ausfahrt Jammertal is very catchy, other song structures are much stranger or so repetitive that they create a hypnotic effect. It doesn't matter if you appreciate what Holger Hansen does or not, you cannot deny that he's a very creative artist. Not everyone will like it, but those who do will adore it.

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