CAMPUS - Oh, Comely!

Campus - Oh, Comely!

10 songs
36:30 minutes
***** ***


Campus were founded in Belgium in 2004, and the five musicians didn’t take long to establish themselves in their local hardcore scene. Their debut We Are The Silence is now followed by the second longplayer Oh, Comely! on which is proven again how varied hardcore music can sound.

Just like on the predecessor, the hardcore genre is mixed up with metalcore, mathcore, screamo and nu metal in order to create a very rich final product. Most of the time Campus are acting relentlessly and manage easily to come up with an intensive and exciting listening experience. The raw attitude is perfectly complemented by the rather angry vocals. But no matter how heartily the Belgians play, there always seems to be some room for melodic and even technical parts. The middle of the album comes with the pleasantly quiet instrumental Swindler which could as well have come from a post rock band. Campus’ songwriting reminds me a little of local math rockers Mutiny On The Bounty, although the Belgians rely more often on aggression. The modus operandi may not have changed drastically compared to the debut, but it’s unmistakable that the band has improved quite a bit. An easygoing rock song like Inside All Of This Is Hope or an extremely varied A Father’s Providence would have been unthinkable on We Are The Silence.

Belgium is one of the smaller countries in Europe and is right now even on the risk of being split into two separate sovereignties, yet they still have an extremely eclectic music scene that doesn’t have to behind those of much bigger nations. Oh, Comely! is a mature album which has to offer much more than mere hardcore and is consequently quite impossible to label. Campus are definitely headed in the right direction!

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