CAMPUS - We Are The Silence

Campus - We Are The Silence

10 songs
36:26 minutes
***** **


Campus were founded in 2004 out of the ashes of Belgian bands Prohibited and Samedi. Not wanting to rush matters, they took their time and released a self-titled EP in 2006. We Are The Silence is now their official full-length debut.

Globally speaking, Campus are another hardcore band, but help themselves also to other ingredients like metalcore, indie rock, emo, scream and math core. They can be especially proud of the strong and transparent production handled by Textures guitarist Jochem Jacobs.

We Are The Silence is therefore an anything but fitting title, as the CD is quite loud, rather unconventional and puts heavy emphasis on variety. Just as welcome are the frequent switches from melodic to brutal parts which prevent monotony. Campus act very professional for such a still young band, but they don’t always manage to breathe new life into the genre. The album contains a few highlights, like the instrumental title track with its complex patterns and the overwhelming brutal closer Tendency, but somehow it all sounds eventually too familiar. For Battle Or Worse is for instance a beautiful emo song, but similar fare is being released in the USA on a nearly daily basis.

Despite these few points of criticism, Campus don’t need to be ashamed of their debut. There is definitely talent, and if the band dares to mature and emancipate themselves from their idols, they should be able to further their sound. Until then, you should still risk an ear with their current CD.

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