CANNIBAL CORPSE - Evisceration Plague

Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague

12 songs
38:54 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Cannibal Corpse who started out in 1988 have established their unshakable reputation already a long time ago. Evisceration Plague is already their eleventh studio album. Once again it’s a statement of continuity and quality, even if there is hardly any development, which after all shouldn’t disturb long-time fans. Cannibal Corpse convince in every way on their new album and offer their audience exactly what they have been expecting from their death metal heroes from Florida.

Like always Cannibal Corpse provide tons of killer riffs, absolutely evil vocals, countless great guitar solos and a necessary portion of brutality. The production gives them every right to be proud, as everything fits perfectly. The songs are most of the time rather short and very fast, and due to a lack of noticeable breaks, they seamlessly flow into one another. This does not mean that we get a monotonous performance. They songs may all be fast and getting straight to the point, but Cannibal Corpse also master crushing mid-tempo parts. The strong title track and the intensive Carrion Sculpted Entity show that it is possible to be relentlessly aggressive without having to rely on insane speed attacks. No matter if they play it fast or groovy, their music is always entertaining.

It’s great to hear that Cannibal Corpse haven’t lost their bite now that the band members are all more or less in their forties. They still play sophisticated death metal where every little detail fits. Cannibal Corpse have always been and still are a cult band!

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