CAPRICORNS - Ruder Forms Survive

Capricorns - Ruder Forms Survive

7 songs
47:54 minutes
***** **
Rise Above


The black ink cover artwork makes you expect early Eighties rudimentary punk rock from Britain. Although the London four-piece, whose members played already in bands like Iron Monkey and Orange Goblin, sees its influences from the heavy Amebix to the spacy Pink Floyd, the resulting sound is closer to their originating bands. Except that Capricorns are instrumental, except for The First Broken Promise with vocals by Oxbow's Eugene Robinson.

So imagine stoner rock meets doom metal, vocal-less, and you come close to what you can hear on Ruder Forms Survive, the band's first longplayer.

The main paradox on this album is that although nothing ever seems to happen, you are still overwhelmed by the end result. Capricorns' song writing is subtle: they are never overcharging their material, and work best then they take their time, like on 1066: Born On The Bayeux (+12 minutes) and 793AD: The Harrying Of The Heathen (+9 minutes). And by the way, except for the vocal song, all titles are prefixed by a year. The double guitar attacks are burrowing themselves into your mind, digging a tunnel of utter pain and despair. The music never achieved the stellar beauty of post rock epigones GYBE! or Mogwai, even if the recipes are not that different. But eventually Capricorns are more metal, and thus combine the repetitive intensity of those long track bands with the power of heavy metal.

What sounded rather boring or lame at first develops momentum once you decide to listen to it really loud. Ruder Forms Survive demands your attention, and I am convinced that such music is still enjoy best when heard live, but with the right environment and tolerant neighbours or flat mates, this can be an effective stoner doom experience.

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