CARNAL LEFTOVERS - Pressure Pleasure

Carnal Leftovers - Pressure Pleasure

6 songs
22:33 minutes
***** **
Crash Landing


"Putting the fun back into funeral", is the tongue-in-cheek approach of this young Dutch death metal band. Not caring for a minute about originality, Carnal Leftovers start from the beginning with their melodic old school sound, sometimes enriched by the more contemporary American East Coast sound, finding in their average four minute songs enough room to switch from mid-tempo parts to blast speed attacks.

We have heard this before, of course, but their casual, carefree approach distinguishes them from many likewise bands. Or have you heard already of a death metal band calling a song Fluffy Little Teddybears? Also sampling Monty Python (in their song Submission) put a smile on my face. The Green Solution is probably one of the rare ecological death metal splatter songs.

The EP consists of four powerfully produced studio tracks and two bonus live cuts (that can be found in their original studio versions on the band's first demo) that have good enough, although a slightly rawer sound. Death metal purists with a sense of humour will love Pressure Pleasure, other people won't make a bad choice either by getting this record.

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