CAST-DOWN - Recharge The Muses

Cast-Down - Recharge The Muses

10 songs
50:38 minutes
***** ***


Cast-Down is a Belgian band founded by members of Buckshot and Ebony HP. On their second CD Recharge The Muses, Cast-Down combine angry screamo vocals with a more melodic voice as is the case for Night Crawlers or Dissonance. Another aspect of their music are the purely melodic emo songs: Lights Ahead and the title track are songs which are close to the Canadian Grade. Although Cast-Down combine melodies and energy in a right balance, this wouldn't be enough to distinguish them from other similar bands. The instrumentation of the songs is what sets them apart. Although songwriting and especially vocals are typically emo, guitar, bass and drums sound more as if Cast-Down were a hard rock band. Undisputed highlight is Davy Jones' Locker where Cast-Down aim to sound as dirty and rough as Motörhead. Although the album contains some songs that don’t work too well (Chemistry And The Works, To Atri) and an unnecessary instrumental (Resonance), this is still a very promising effort by a young Belgian band.

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