CASUS BELLI - In The Name Of Rose

Casus Belli - In The Name Of Rose

11 songs
41:38 minutes
***** **
Limb Music

It is no secret that Greece is fond of metal music, but so far it was mostly the more extreme bands (Septic Flesh, Nightfall, On Thorns I Lay, Rotting Christ) who drew international attention. All this can change with Casus Belli, a band founded eight years ago that finally releases its second album In The Name Of Rose on a bigger label, making it accessible for everyone. Although the band is filed under power metal, they show that there are a lot of things falling under that genre. Fortunately not all of the songs are kept in the more melodic direction of Edge Of A Knife. Not that Casus Belli are bad with mellower material, but it is the more direct approach stuff (Im Your Master, Isolation) that puts the emphasise on the word "power", with the four-piece achieving the dynamic aggression of Metal Church and late Judas Priest. The latter shouldn't surprise, considering that vocalist Panos Dedes auditioned for the vocal part when Rob Halford left the British metal legend. Its the vocals are that are consequently on a very high level. Other highlight is Panos Arvanitis guitar playing, combining melodic guitar hero soloing with shredded power chords. The beginning of Naked King sounds suspiciously like Faith No Mores We Care A Lot (the same rhythm and keyboard sound), although that might as well be a coincidence. Even though not one of the harder tracks, Holy Gates (In The Name Of Rose) is one of the more amazing tracks, adding a whole bunch of cohesive ideas into not even four minutes. And thats another thing I have to point out: Casus Belli never lose themselves in long futile compositions, but rather stay around the compact four minute limit, thus releasing an album thats probably a bit shorter than most of their peers, but at least it always gets immediately to the point. In The Name Of Rose is a very good addition to the collections of power metal fans who like their music nice and crunchy.

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