CELESTE - Misanthrope(s)

Celeste - Misanthrope(s)

9 songs
51:06 minutes
***** ***


In these modern times, more and more CDs are released while buyers’ budgets stagnate, making them rather buy popular brand names than discover promising newcomers. To remedy this situation, French extreme metal band Celeste have decided to release their music on a regular label which also offers high quality downloads for free, even if you are asked to donate a little something, if you happen to feel like it.

On their second album Misanthrope(s), the Lyon based quartet perfects its original brand of screamo, black metal and doom, achieving a sound which is quite original and devastating at the same time. Not only are their lyrics in French, but their long song titles already seem to tell a story of their own. Nine tracks in fifty-one minutes means that Celeste are definitely not into short songs, although the longer pieces are left for the second half of the album, and it is only there where they unfold their true potential. Vocals that veer from agonising screams to hatred fuelled barks, guitars that slice everything apart and a functional rhythm section coalesce into a crushing sound that takes some time getting into, but once you’re hooked, it’s hard to free yourself from Celeste’s suffering performance.

The different tracks are neither very fast nor very slow, but rather maintain a stead mid-tempo heaviness which is emphasised by the emotional yet evil vocals that hypnotise with their intense presentation. Sometimes a little break could have helped to emphasise the oppressive atmosphere even better, but in the end, Celeste can pride themselves of having built a niche of their own in a genre that makes it harder and harder to find your own identity. I suggest you start by downloading Misanthrope(s), and if you really like it, buy it, or at least, make a donation to this truly deserving band.

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