CELESTY - Mortal Mind Creation

Celesty - Mortal Mind Creation

9 songs
45:14 minutes
***** **
Dockyard 1


Mortal Mind Creation is the third album by Finnish epic metal band Celesty. I have to confess never having heard of them before, but this record finishes a concept saga which started with the two albums Reign Of Elements and Legacy Of Hate. At first I wasn't too excited to review another true metal band, especially as Celesty have a permanent keyboarder in the band. But after a few notes, I had already changed my mind.

Celesty are sure enough a melodic metal band and somehow they often remind me of Scandinavian metal bands from the 80s like Europe and TNT, with the exception that Celesty have a more aggressive approach towards their music. Another influence is the Italian power metal scene, so fans of Rhapsody Of Fire and Sonata Arctica will certainly enjoy the album. Especially the opener Lord Of Mortals, Unreality and Empty Room have epic choruses you normally expect from Italian metal bands. The album unfortunately also contains the mandatory ballad (Among The Dreams), but the rest is far better than I expected from a melodic metal band. The songs are not too smooth, contain a lot of breaks and still manage to be catchy.

The production could be a bit more powerful for my taste. Most emphasis have been given to the quite decent vocals, the drums and the excellent keyboards. Bass and guitars have unfortunately been set a bit too much into the background. Fantasy metal fans should still check this cool album.

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