CEREMONY - Still Nothing Moves You

Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You

15 songs
21:16 minutes
***** *****
Bridge Nine


Fifteen songs in only twenty-one minutes? I was expecting the worst, but Californian hardcore punk band Ceremony definitely don’t fit the cliché of backwards driven noisemongers. Their second album starts with a four minute long monster, opened by a threatening bass-line that readies the audience for the sonic onslaught that is to come. The vocals are pure anguish, and all of a sudden we are catapulted into a chugging hardcore song with a pure early Eighties feeling, except where many bands today try to emulate that sound, Ceremony are the real deal.

From here on, the band alternates between fast and furious hardcore bombs and sludgy doom tracks that despite their lava feeling rarely exceed the two minute border. We even get those radical changes sometimes inside a song that is not sixty seconds long. Actually six pieces are shorter than a minute.

Still Nothing Moves you is an extremely violent album, and maybe it’s for the best that it’s so short, because I doubt the human psyche could take more of this nihilistic noise without becoming suicidal. The intensity of the performance reminds me of a Born Against show I saw in the early Nineties, although other references are early Black Flag and Minor Threat. Despite their roots lying twenty-five years in the past, Ceremony never come across like imitators. The energy here is for real! If you want to treat your soul with something really destructive, Still Nothing Moves You is guaranteed to give you the creeps.

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