CHAMPION - Time Slips Away

Champion - Time Slips Away

13 songs
29:32 minutes
***** **
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A simple look at the band's URL tells you that Champion from Seattle are a straight edge hardcore band. Without needing to go into the pro's and con's of that ideology, I just want to point out how weird it is that so many SXE bands adhere to the same sound: old school hardcore with a lot of dynamic energy. Nothing new, but done with true conviction!

Not new are also the songs on this debut album, which have been taken from Champion's first two EPs Come Out Swinging and Count Our Numbers that are available at Bridge Nine Records. Apart from those who own the EPs, I guess people better get the JTTP version. The thirteen songs featured on the album total nearly half an hour, not really that long, but an ok length for such a record. Next to eleven original songs, Champion also cover Alone In A Crowd's Is Anybody There and Dag Nasty's One To Two.

Youth Crew kids plus a more general hardcore audience that wants to taste some energetic positive hardcore should have a lot of pleasure with Time Slips Away. A good piece of hardcore music, nothing essential, but ok to have.

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