CIRCUIT RIDERS - An Arm And A Legacy

Circuit Riders - An Arm And A Legacy

17 songs
40:11 minutes
Friendly Psychics Music


The Circuit Riders consist of members from the Friendly Psychics collective, with label owner John Wenzel playing guitars and keyboards. Circuit Riders describe their music as acoustic indie folk with dark melodies and bright performances. They also like to compare themselves to Guided By Voices, Sebadoh and Swearing At Motorists. Although the musical description makes sense, I can’t relate to the parallels to the aforementioned bands. The album is kept too much at an acoustic level, and there are hardly any catchy melodies to be found, so that it becomes rather hard to pay much attention to the music. Maybe there have been too many line-up changes in the past to develop a more dynamic style. An Arm And A Legacy is the band’s second album in seven years, although the Circuit Riders have been releasing about twenty albums since the mid-Nineties, with approximately fifty different musicians contributing up to four hundred tracks!

There are several bands on Friendly Psychics Music with more or less the same members and playing more or less the same genre, but somehow the songs performed by Upstate, Wicked Immigrant and Dishwater Psychics convinced me more than the Circuit Riders material. An Arm And A Legacy is nice enough to be used as a background music, but it’s not an album that deserves too much attention. My personal highlight of the album is the cover photograph taken in the film museum of Berlin, showing skeleton requisites of the cult movie Jason And The Argonauts.

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