CLIVE PRODUCT - Broken Pieces

Clive Product - Broken Pieces

6 songs
19:23 minutes
***** **


Clive Product is a singer-songwriter with a lo-fi attitude and a folky touch. The opener I Fell Of The Radar Again of his EP is a simple track with a catchy melody. The vocals make me strongly think of Judge Smith (obscure rock legend and co-founder of Van der Graaf Generator). A parallel between both men is that both are British, although Clive Product is living in Berlin. He used to be a member of the Anglo German Low Stars and his first solo attempts follow more or less the same direction. He's always searching nice and warm melodies enriched by his calm and relax voice. The different songs are not very spectacular as they are only consisting of maximum two guitars, lead and backing vocals. But he shows that it is possible to produce wonderful songs with a minimum of ingredients. A fine example to underline this statement is Hidden Charms. Clive Product likes to call his songs 'six little imperfections'. If you like calm music which can be situated between pop and folk, Broken Pieces should be just right for you. The CD contains four songs written by Clive Product and two cover versions (by Lora Logic and Billy Bragg). Although I prefer in general more vivid stuff, this EP is excellent for some relaxing moments.

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