Club Of High Eyebrows - Older Now

12 songs
45:22 minutes
***** ****


In the late Eighties, Rudeboy Tylon was the MC and singer of Urban Dance Squad, a Dutch band that was at the beginning of the crossover genre, and apparently so important that without them, Rage Against The Machine would never have sounded the same. After a couple of releases, Rudeboy noticed that he became a part of the status quo, and decided to try new paths. Club Of High Eyebrows is diametrically opposed to what he used to do in the Nineties. No longer is he trying to combine black and white music. Instead he assembled a rock band around himself which helped him concoct one of the finest post-punk, indie noise rock album I have heard in a long time. Instead of rapping, you get soulful vocals that are perfectly set into scene by the distorted guitar and the driving rhythms.

Older Now is a statement. Rudeboy doesn’t need to provoke musically anymore, he is mature enough to provoke just by doing what no one would have expected from him in the first place. I miss a lyrics sheet, because I bet the topics are worth digging into. In the end, the twelve songs have this post-hiphop flair of artists from the Anticon label, artists that have their roots in black roots but who emancipated themselves from a self-inflicted cliché and opened their eyes to a world of the most diverse influences. At times I feel reminded of Dinosaur Jr., the Beatles, Why? and countless other rock bands. But Club Of High Eyebrows are smart enough to make it all sound homogenous, all the time. Older Now is a great achievement, an album that at first sounds a bit understated, but once you start to understand it, it will be hard or impossible to let go.

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