CODE OF PERFECTION - Last Exit For The Lost

Code Of Perfection - Last Exit For The Lost

11 songs
47:26 minutes
***** *


This could have been a marvellous album, but for some reasons the many good parts have been watered down with typical melodic power metal elements take do their best to tear the album down into mediocrity. But let's start at the beginning. Two former Demon Drive members recruit a Japanese bass player and decided to record a CD full of neoclassical speed metal instrumentals... and unfortunately a couple of vocals tracks that are, compared to the great instrumental moments, just plainly generic.

So I have never heard of Demon Drive before, but guest parts by German keyboard ace Ferdy Doernberg and guitar fetishist Michael Angelo (formerly of Nitro, the greatest and most extreme poser guitar band ever) only enrich the already very challenging Eighties guitar hero sound. Inspired by Racer X and Cacophony, Code Of Perfection never achieve that same greatness, but they pay good tribute on their instrumental tracks. Lightning fast guitar leads and a tight rhythm section do everything possible to make Last Exit For The Lost a gourmet piece for fans of Malmsteen and the Shrapnel school of the Eighties. With Limb Music mostly releasing melodic power metal these last years, I even get the weird feeling that the weak vocal tracks may be a compromise between band and label.

Well, you can still program your CD player to give you only the good stuff, like Flyin' High, Polka Beast Stampede, evil:FEX, the mellow Underneath A Blue Kiss (with fantastic acoustic guitar and fretless bass) and the ultimate Cacophony tribute Shred It!. Replacing the vocal tracks with more of this great neoclassical instrumental mayhem would have allowed me a fifty percent higher rating.

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