COG - Sharing Space

Cog - Sharing Space

13 songs
72:06 minutes
***** **


It’s been ages since all that Australia had to offer where AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Midnight Oil. The last few years saw the emergence of bands like Wolfmother, Silverchair, Parkway Drive and Airbourne, with new bands waiting to make it big outside their continent.

The power-trio Cog is still unknown in our regions, but they attained already quite a level of success with their debut album and a number of EPs. Their second CD Sharing Space is now released in Europe and aims at a preponderantly adult clientele. Globally speaking, Cog are a rock band, even if they are occasionally toying with progressive elements. Apart from the longer opener No Other Way (ten minutes) and final track Problem Reaction Solution (nine minutes), the remaining songs oscillate between three and five minutes, achieving thus an ideal length for radio airplay. Especially the second track, Are You Interested?, next to the dynamic Bird Of Feather, the CD’s highlight, matches its commercial aims perfectly. From a musical point of view, Cog keep it relaxed, although most of their songs take some time building momentum and even sometimes allow for regular rock moments. You can compare Cog to the recent releases by King’s X, Red Hot Chili Peppers and less progressive Marillion.

The musicians act very professionally but possibly also a little too earnestly. A little more spontaneity would have been welcome. The album is also suffering from excess length. Despite no complaints about the band’s technical and songwriting abilities, the last third doesn’t add any new ideas. A shorter album – let’s say fifty minutes – would have better kept the listener’s attention.

You can’t accuse Cog of lacking talent, but they should work on their competences and come back next time with a more compact album.

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