COMEBACK KID - Wake The Dead

Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead

11 songs
25:51 minutes
***** ***
Victory Records


Comeback Kid are a relatively new band formed in 2002, but two of their five members have already gathered experience in the hardcore band Figure Four. After a demo CD (2002) and their debut Turn It Around (2003), Comeback Kid now offer their new record Wake The Dead. They play quite traditional hardcore lying somehow between Gorilla Biscuits and Snapcase, but it's played in such a brutal and energetic way that it will probably really wake up the dead.

The songs are of course very brutal, but there are always plenty of melodies in the songs. Especially the title song could become a real punk hymn and a band classic. As you may expect from a traditional hardcore band, the lyrics are about daily struggle in life, fights and never giving up. The songs are quite simple and short and they immediately come to the point. The album even isn't running for half an hour and so, there are no lame parts on it. The only complaint is that such a short CD is sold at full price.

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