Commando - Piet

11 songs
31:17 minutes
***** ***
Monster Zero


For a long time, I've been thinking that Luxemburg's Surf Me Up Scotty were the only surf band without access to the open sea. Now I received a promo-CD of the new vinyl by Commando from Trier. This German town has at least a commercial port, but I don't think that the Moselle river produces enough waves to surf.

Because they can't surf at home, they have enough time to practise, making their debut Piet more than just satisfying. Raw surf guitars, strange synthie sounds and the use of vocals prevent Piet from being a boring album. Even if it starts with Irene S. in quite classical trash garage surf style, the album surprises the listener on several occasions with diverse and unexpected moments. A6 is rather noisy and contains movie samples and spoken word parts. The use of samples is repeated on a few songs and succeeds especially well on the intense and dark Black Crack. A couple of songs have some real vocals, but they are mostly cover versions: 9 Volt by Man Or Astroman (a big influence for Commando), For Your Love by the Yardbirds (Commando's evil version is the album's highlight) and Bloodstains by Agent Orange, an awesome mixture of surf and punk. The album ends with two original songs: Lost Boy is rather futuristic and could be escaped from a 50s science fiction B-movie and Natural Born Halbstark, a surf song which shows that the band has a sense of humour and fun.

Commando's first album is quite a short experience, but it has the advantage that each song fits and that it's never annoying or boring. The music is entertaining and fit for parties. I'm not a specialist about surf music, but I like what I've been hearing on Piet.

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