CONTRADICTION - The Warchitect

Contradiction - The Warchitect

12 songs
51:07 minutes
***** ****


Contradiction from Germany started playing music in 1994 and have already released a couple of albums, with The Warchitect already their sixth output. Contradiction are still sounding as in their very early days as they didn't pay attention to contemporary trends. The Warchitect is a real old school thrash metal album, although it's far better produced than those albums were more than a decade ago.

The album starts with the aggressive opener Your God before it immediately comes to its two highlights. The title track is an angry song, a real masterpiece of thrash metal. The End Of All Things To Come is more melodic, but contains towards its end some fierce mosh parts. Tunes Of War and What Am I are a treat for everyone who likes early Metallica. Another parallel influence I found on two tracks (Shadowsoul, Godsend) are Living Death, a cult thrash metal band from the late 80s and early 90s. The different songs contain a lot of breaks and the balance of faster and midtempo tracks works perfectly well. Contradiction are playing their music so intensely that I can even appreciate a song like Thrash Metal. The name is maybe a bit simple, but it's a powerful hammer track. With Peacemaker there is even a doomier track on the album. After eleven original compositions, the album ends with a cool cover version of Motörhead's Rock'n'Roll.

Thrash metal isn't so popular anymore these days. So it is not only a pleasure to listen to one of the few bands still playing this genre. As The Warchitect is able to convince in every way, it's even a far better experience that old school metal fans shouldn't miss.

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