CORNERSTONE Two Tales Of One Tomorrow

Cornerstone - Two Tales Of One Tomorrow

10 songs
55:25 minutes
***** **


Cornerstone was originally founded in 2000 as a side project by Royal Hunt bass player Steen Morgensen. But he and former Rainbow frontman Doogie White seemed to like it as Two Tales Of One Tomorrow is already the band's fourth output.

By comparing the new record to its predecessor Once Upon Our Yesterdays, one can say that the band has stopped its regression as this was the band's most boring release so far. The opener Misery contains an interesting instrumental start before the song turns into a classic tribute to Rainbow and Deep Purple. One Man's Hell is another classic hard rock tune. Yngwie J. Malmsteen influences can be heard on the title track, the major piece of the record. I have already been listening several times to this song and it threatened never to leave my mind again. The organs used on Prey are another gimmick which helps to make the album more diverse. Another good track is We Are The Dead, a mid-tempo rock song with a somehow mystic touch.

I'm certainly not the biggest Seventies rock fan, but even I have to admit that the songwriting, the instrumentation and the vocals work well on Two Tales Of One Tomorrow. Even the strong retro touch of the songs is never annoying. The only downside are the mellow tracks which aren't Cornerstone's strong side. Mother Of Mercy is a ballad that would better have fitted on a Scorpions album and Blinded doesn't convince either.

But the improvement compared to their previous record is obvious. When Cornerstone finally realise that they should concentrate on rock hymns and hard rock tracks and ignore the mellow stuff, they will one day be among the best contemporary Seventies rock band.

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