CORNFLAMES - The Farewell Drive

Cornflames - The Farewell Drive

8 songs
28:23 minutes
***** **


We have come to expect some really great emo from Belgium, since bands like Quetzal and Soon have started silently a revolution on their own. That's maybe why I was initially quite disappointed with Cornflames' The Farewell Drive album. The cover artwork, the song titles, everything about this band is screaming out emo in your face. Of course, this genre is quite the hype at the moment, and it's evident that not every band can be a genius from the beginning on.

Once you spend more time with this album though, you will recognise its very apparent qualities, which mostly reside in the warm production and the double vocals. Both singers have rather hoarse voices, which makes it at first very inaccessible, but with due time you will notice that it can develop quite its own charm.

The songwriting is good, without being exceptional. There is not one single song that you will instantly remember, but that's mostly because Cornflames avoid too obvious melodies. Where many popular emo bands drift ever more closely into pop territories, this is still emo rock, with probably very sincere feelings. The only really negative point is the short playing time of under half an hour. A short CD may be ok for a grind band where the ideas are more compressed, but with an album that's mostly mid-tempo like this one, you could have expected at least four more songs.

Melodic emo fans who are tired of the same old Jimmy Eat Worlds won't do anything wrong by checking Cornflames out.

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